Hands-on healing - a complementary therapy
for injury, illness, stress and stress-related conditions.

  • Harnessing fundamental life-force energy through the healer's hands to boost physical health and wellbeing.

  • Harmonising the body's energy field to help the body heal itself.

  • Helping people to move forward by gently releasing stressful emotions, promoting emotional, mental and physical healing and balance. 

Louise James

Registered with UK HEALERS

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About Energy Healing

Living beings have an innate ability to achieve a perfect state of balance in body, mind and spirit. The purpose of energy healing is to empower the individual in finding that point of balance. The energy healer works with hands on the body or with hands at a short distance away from the body, as requested. People can choose to lie on a therapy couch or sit on a chair, and relax to enjoy the session. 

Premise of Healing

All living beings, including plants, have a complex network of energy running through them, known as their ‘energy field’, and an ‘electrical field’ surrounding them called their ‘aura’. Healing transmits healing energy into the client’s own energy field. This can help the body to heal itself by harmonising the energy field and displacing negative energetic patterns and blockages. It can promote the release of disturbing patterns of thoughts and feelings, some of which may have been held in the body for a great many years. The release from the body of these disturbing energetic patterns (thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms) can have a positive effect on the mind, the emotions and the body, as all can be considered  inseparable.

The healer works by placing their hands on, or near to, the person or animal. They then work around the body and the aura, sensing where in the body the healing energy is needed.

Healing can be a process and may require the client's willingness to change!


Case Study

Lucky’s eye ulcer and autoimmune disease


Hospital admission

On Saturday 30th June 2012, my beloved nine-year-old horse Lucky was admitted to Liphook Equine Hospital with an ulcer on the cornea of his left eye.

He was in tremendous pain and his eye was tightly shut and pouring. On arrival at the hospital, he was cared for immediately. He had a catheter inserted up inside the skin on his nasal bone and into his eye, to make it easier for the nurses to give him medication into the eye. He was put on antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory, pain relief, steroids and blood plasma.

Within a couple of days his eye had settled and the infection had cleared up. His eye was open, and he was feeling much better. I felt so grateful to the hospital staff. However, the centre of the eye was still ulcerated.

That Friday, July 6th, I was called to have a chat with one of the hospital vets. She said that sadly Lucky’s ulcer was not healing, and this was because he had an autoimmune disease, which was making his own body attack his eye rather than heal it. He would need to have his eye removed. As it was Friday and there were few surgeons working at the weekend, this would be done early the next week. He had a diagnosis of immune-mediated ulcerative keratitis with uveitis. I was devastated and felt determined to do everything I could to save Lucky’s eye.

As I had qualified as a Healer in 2006, I decided I would try to help Lucky with some healing. Up to this point I had only worked on people, but thought why not try on a horse? Thankfully, this had happened on a Friday, which meant that I had the whole weekend in front of me to try to turn his immune system around.


Working on Lucky

That afternoon I went into the stable to work on Lucky. Where to start, I wondered? However, I soon learnt that Lucky was going to run the show. Lucky wanted me to rub his chin and muzzle. He was insistent about this, putting his muzzle in my hand and rubbing his chin against it very firmly. He also started licking and suckling my hand urgently. I stood with him for several hours, rubbing his muzzle and chin, as I wondered what this was about. He seemed to want to suckle my hand. Why? Perhaps the shock of the painful ulcer, hospitalisation and separation from home was making him regress and be needy for his mother’s teat? I thought that perhaps he had been traumatically weaned and still held the memories and feelings in his mind and body. This was hardly an original thought. Sigmund Freud, the famous psychoanalyst, considered that good early bonding with the mother and relatively problem-free breast/bottle feeding was important to a balanced personality and to physical and mental health.  If this can be true for people, why not for other mammals? 

Lucky eventually stopped needing to suck and lick my hand, and wandered around the stable for a while. He then walked up to me purposefully and stood very close. He is a big strong horse, and I wasn’t sure what he was doing, so I backed off and walked around him. I wanted to give him freedom of expression, so I did not back him away from me. Several more times he walked up to me face-on and stood still very close in front of me, and I backed off and walked away, wondering what he wanted. Soon I realised that he just wanted to stand very close to me, chest to chest. I likened this to standing like mother and foal. We stood together like this for an hour or so, until Lucky had had his fill. I was deeply moved by this experience of trust and closeness. I was feeling extremely tired by this time and decided to go home for food, rest and sleep.


The weekend

The next morning, Saturday, Lucky was again insistently keen to have his muzzle, chin and lower jaw rubbed, placing his muzzle in my hand. He was not licking and sucking on my hand so much that day. I rubbed his lips on the outside and inside too. When he had had his fill of this, I started to work on his body. He stood in front of me with his head lowered, in effect telling me where he needed the healing. I put my hands on his poll and brow, focussing on sending him healing energy into the crown and brow chakras (energy centres). I then worked beneath his left eye, down the left cheek, and beneath his jaw. Later, I focussed on his chest and heart chakra, which needed a lot of healing. I had bought Lucky two years earlier from a dealer. He had recently come over from abroad, and was in poor condition, itchy all over and full of worms. He failed his vetting on a number of counts, one of which was scars in his right eye from keratitis. He was extremely defensive and frightened of human beings and had clearly been very badly abused. It was weeks before he would let me handle and groom him, but he learnt to trust me and we developed a strong bond. His heart was indeed in need of healing.

I spent most of that Saturday in the stable with Lucky, working on his crown (poll), brow and heart chakras and the chakras down his spine, together with the left eye and cheek areas. I also did a lot of work on his gut, which made some huge gurgles. He would stand with his head lowered, eyes flickering, licking and yawning in release. Sometimes his whole body from the head and neck and down his back would arch and he would go into a huge stretch. The gut is the seat of the emotions in healing terms, so this made perfect sense to me.

Sometimes he would walk towards me and turn to me the part of his body which he wanted me to work on. When I started to work on the correct spot, he would turn his head towards me and look me in the eye, which I interpreted as him saying, ‘Yes, you’ve got it!’. (This has happened to me many times since with Lucky and with other horses.) When he no longer needed work on that area, he would sometimes turn and nudge me with his muzzle, to say thank you, and then walk off. (I have found since that time that horses always say thank you after a healing treatment, either by turning to look me in the eye or by a nudge with the muzzle.)


On Sunday, I followed much the same routine, this time working on his gut and on the lymph areas around the flanks and behind the elbows. Again, he would stand, head lowered and slightly twitching, ears flickering as he released stress from his body. I also stood up to ten feet away and gave him a lot of healing in his aura.

I had always felt since buying Lucky that he had suffered a tremendous amount of fear in his early life. When I first bought him he was in a constant state of high alert for danger, and would defend himself vigorously if he felt threatened. He could behave dangerously if he felt seriously threatened by a situation or person. I felt that the healing was working at a very deep level, helping him to release accumulated sadness and fear which he had held in his body for a very long time.


By Sunday evening I was exhausted and could do no more. I had given my all. I tried to tell Lucky that I had done my best and that I needed to go home to rest and sleep.



The next morning I felt better but was extremely nervous, waiting for the hospital to call. . . . . They didn’t call. . . . . Did I dare to hope that no news was good news?

In the afternoon, I went up to the hospital to visit Lucky. While I was in his stable, the vet in charge of Lucky came to have a chat. She was smiling as she said that there was good news. Lucky’s eye was healing! She wanted to wait until Wednesday for confirmation from the surgeons, who would sedate Lucky and have a good look into the eye.

Wednesday came, and again I was on tenterhooks…. The news was again good. The surgeons had had a good look at Lucky’s eye, and the ulcer had healed. He could go home! I was so very happy.


Post hospital care

After Lucky returned home from the hospital, his left eye was still highly fragile and it was a long journey to normal health and strength. The visiting vet from Liphook was fantastic and he monitored Lucky’s eye and medications regularly. I also gave Lucky healing on a regular basis. The eye re-ulcerated three times over the next five months and each time he went back into the equine hospital for medical treatment. The blessing was that his ulcer healed each time, meaning that his immune system was working normally.

Gradually Lucky’s eye gained strength and he was weaned off his medications. I continued to give him regular healing treatments.

As I write this, six years later, I am still very careful with his eye, and keep his hood on in sunny weather. I still give him regular healing treatments, and thank my lucky stars that so far his eye has remained healthy.


Veterinary care and Healing

Healing is a complementary therapy. Without the equine hospital, the vets and the medications which settled Lucky’s eye and took away his pain, I could not have started to work on him as a therapist. His eye needed the antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, plasma, steroids and pain relief.

The role that Healing plays, and where it can be very effective, is to aid and speed recovery. It helps the body to heal itself by harmonising the body’s energy field. Where necessary, Healing can also be very effective at releasing disturbing emotions, which can lie at the root of illness (dis-ease).


My conclusion

From my work with Lucky, I would like to suggest that the root cause of his autoimmune disease lay in emotional stress, stemming from the way in which he was weaned and in aggressive handling during his early life, both giving rise to deep-seated fear and grief.

During a psychotherapy foundation course which I undertook in 2008, we took a brief look at Gestalt Therapy, which suggests that much physical and mental illness is due to ‘unfinished business’. Think of all the unfinished conversations you may have experienced, all the things you have not said, all the feelings you have not expressed. Gestalt Therapy gives you the opportunity to re-visit these instances and ‘finish’ them.

Working with Lucky in the stable at the hospital made me think of Gestalt Therapy. With Lucky showing me what he needed, I felt that we were re-visiting his traumas from when he was a foal and young horse, and enabling him to work through them.  I believe that Lucky was given the opportunity to ‘finish’ his interrupted weaning process, and that this, together with the input of healing energy and the release of a great deal of deep-seated fear and sadness, enabled his body to heal itself.

Healing is an on-going process not a quick fix. Six years later I still sometimes worry that Lucky’s eye will regress, and I remain eternally grateful to the hospital staff who were able to settle his eye with all the medications he was given.

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About myself

Having worked in educational publishing for 15 years, a change of direction in 2001 led to my deep interest in complementary therapies - in particular energy healing.

I have a certificate in the Fundamentals of Counselling and Psychotherapy (CCPE, London, 2004) and completed my training in Healing in 2006 (CPS, London).

Since qualifying, I have gained extensive experience working with people, horses and smaller animals. My particular areas of focus are the immune system and the connection between emotional stress and physical illness. My experience has also demonstrated the deep responsiveness of animals to healing energy.



Migraine and Back/Hip Pain

I have suffered from migraines in various forms since the age of 12. The most debilitating were those that came with disturbed vision, either an expanding flashing light or a watery, jagged glass-like frame to my sight. These would last for an hour or so, then recede leaving me with a crashing headache for three or four hours then feeling washed out for a day or so.


Then a few years ago I started getting severe headaches, only on the right side of my head. It felt as if I had an ice pick buried in my skull and no over-the-counter pain killers could fix them. Following a brain scan, and the problem being diagnosed as ‘migraine related’, I looked for an alternative treatment to the horrible medication I’d been prescribed. Various methods helped temporarily, but it wasn’t until October 2017, when I went to see Louise for help with a back and hip problem that I realised I may have accidentally found a permanent answer to the headaches. It hadn’t occurred to me to ask Louise for help in getting rid of these because I’d become so used to them being there. But, after she’d treated my back and was giving me a general ‘MOT’ treatment, she asked whether I got headaches, so I told her about my migraine history and that I’d had one of ‘those headaches’ for the last month.


So she concentrated the treatment on my head. I felt totally relaxed and was amazed at the heat radiating from her hands. Afterwards I felt very tired and slept well that night!


That first treatment certainly lessened the severity of the headache, but after the second treatment two weeks later, I left the clinic completely headache free. I was amazed. Three months on, there has been no sign of anything approaching the former intensity returning, but I know who to ask for help if it does.


The pain in my hip and back, that I’d seen Louise about in the first place, was immeasurably better too. Before the first visit, due to a combination of congenital problems and injury, (which had been treated on and off over many years with various therapies), I hadn’t been able to exercise or walk very far in comfort with the dog, which became a vicious circle: it hurt, so I didn’t exercise or walk far, so it was tight, which made it hurt, so I didn’t exercise or walk far ...... and so on. After the second visit to Louise, I was in much MUCH less pain and so could walk further, which loosened everything up, so I began to strengthen all the bits that hurt by exercising and walking further again. To-date, I’m as free from pain as I’ve been in a long time and, whilst I won’t be running a Marathon or climbing Everest anytime soon, walks on the South Downs are pleasurable again.


I shall be visiting Louise for regular MOTs and am so grateful for her skill and kindness - which has made it a very pleasant (and enlightening) process.

Lesley Simpson, Emsworth




Autoimmune Condition


I have a little-known autoimmune skin condition of the vulva called Lichen Sclerosus. It can affect anyone of any age, on any part of the body, but it is mainly post-menopausal women who suffer with it around the vagina, clitoris and anus. It is not catching and cannot be transmitted; the medics say there is no cure. Symptoms may be dormant for years but, as with other autoimmune conditions, something can trigger it – and, I am certain that, in my case, it was a trauma to the area – (no further details here are necessary!). It affects different people in different ways, but it can lead to cancer if not recognised and treated.


Thinking of the physiology of the ‘undercarriage’, I had the classic ‘figure of eight’ symptoms of hard white patches (plaques) on my labia and clitoris and anus, intractable itching, splitting and tearing of the perineum and the beginnings of fusing between the labia majora and minora. Looking back, I must have had it for some years before being diagnosed in June 2018, which was when it flared up very badly for the first time while I was on holiday. I’d had a dry sort of itch in that area for a few months but thought that was just a side-effect of the menopause which had to be put up with, so treated it myself with Lanocaine.  But the flare-up was like nothing I’d ever experienced and can only describe it as ‘going nuclear’! I had never known such intense pain and itching before and it was hard to sit, walk, sleep or concentrate.  As soon as we got back from holiday, I saw my doctor who took one look and diagnosed Lichen Sclerosus and prescribed Dermovate, a highly potent steroid cream, to be used three times a day. I was told not to use any kind of soap or shower gel, just an emollient soap substitute such as Epaderm and a natural moisturiser to help soften the white (plaque) areas and to “keep an eye open for ‘any changes’”. That was the sum-total of information provided by the (male) doctor. It was left to me to do the research and join as many online forums as I could find - which led me to discover what a horrifying disease it can be and scared me witless. I had never heard of it before, neither had any of my friends. It isn’t something that is talked about unless you happen to be suffering from it. It appears that there is virtually no money funnelled into research and members of the internet forums I belong to are mostly of the opinion that the medical profession is woefully ill-informed. This was confirmed to me when I saw a gynaecologist who verified the diagnosis, but there was little else he could tell me, other than “you’ve got it for life”.


I was a bit fed up. I sold my bicycle, because I knew I would never be able to ride it again. I couldn’t go swimming because the chlorine adversely affected my bits and I hated the thought of having to use steroids for the rest of my life, with all the associated risks - including thinning of the skin.


Because I’d had Energy Healing in the past with great success, for less serious complaints, I thought it would definitely be worth trying to see if it could relieve the Lichen Sclerosus. Luckily, Louise has a particular interest in treating autoimmune conditions and was keen to try and help with this one, so, in May 2019, less than a year after diagnosis, I started fortnightly treatment with her at the Petersfield clinic.


As it turned out, I was very glad to have begun the treatment when I did, because three months earlier, I had noticed red marks (lesions) on the inside of each labia minora. As a precaution, the doctor referred me to an oncology gynaecologist who said it was nothing to worry about and sent me away. The lesions were still there in July and the doctor wasn’t happy, so referred me back to the consultant who carried out a punch biopsy (ouch) which confirmed that, although unpleasant, it was nothing sinister. By this time, I’d had more than two months of treatment from Louise and had already noticed a gradual, but perceptible improvement in the condition of my clitoris, anus, labia majora and the outside of the minora with noticeably fewer white patches. After the biopsy, the site of which healed very quickly, my symptoms had receded to almost nothing. There was no itching or pain – just the occasional split in my perineum (which by then was mostly scar tissue), usually caused by exercise. So, taking a deep breath, I stopped using the very potent steroid cream and, in the six months since, I have only once used a much less powerful ointment. I continue using the emollient soap substitute and moisturiser. The lesion on my left labia has completely gone and the one on the right has receded to almost nothing.


I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Louise’s treatment has helped support my immune system, to the extent that I am virtually symptom free.


Anon (Name and address supplied to healer)

Hip and Back Pain

Although I confess to being very apprehensive and having very low, or no, expectations of the healing session last week, I am delighted to let you know that since then, I’ve had the most trouble-free days for months, with no grumbling pain or irritation in hips or knees or back. I have more energy, feel more my old self, and look forward to the next session. With many thanks.


Richard Goss, Sevenoaks

Tennis Elbow


I visited Louise in 2010. I had suffered from tennis elbow for two years and had tried all the conventional treatments ...none of which worked. I’m often told I am the world’s most cynical being but in all honesty I was desperate and would, by that stage, have tried anything to resolve the problem. 


At the start of my session, Louise spent a good while finding out everything she could about the pain, it’s intensity and location and discussed my general health and well-being. The treatment lasted about 30 to 45 minutes and almost immediately my elbow began to feel better.


The following day the long-term nagging pain had gone altogether and I was back on court two days later and playing pain free tennis for the first time in two years. I haven’t had a problem since and that was a number of years ago.


My tennis doubles partner, who suffered from the same problem, also sought Louise’s help and he, too, was back playing without pain shortly after a treatment.

Neal Burnsides, Petersfield


Pre-Op and Post-Op

In 2017 I was diagnosed with a large lipoma in my right thigh wrapped around the bone beneath the muscles. This required specialist invasive surgery which would mean the muscles and nerves would be have to parted/cut through. I am also a diabetic which meant surgery could have further complications.

Having known Louise James for seventeen years and that she is an experienced healer I approached her for help. She came to my home several times and gave me healing prior to my surgery and again several times after the operation.  She was reassuring, calm and very kind. After each healing session I felt that her healing was very positive and beneficial.

The surgery went well and the surgeons were delighted that no major nerves had to be cut but I still had a seven inch wound down the front of my thigh.  I healed well and was able to resume my active life as an artist only six weeks later and, 18 months on, have recovered very well with no significant lasting problems. The lipoma was found to be completely benign which was a huge relief, its large size making it suspicious.  The surgeons were delighted at the follow-up, the scar did not become infected which happened to me following previous surgery. I feel sure my well-being and good progress throughout was helped by Louise. I would not hesitate to recommend her.


Deborah Richards


Sports Injury - Achilles Heel

I went to see Louise with an Achilles heel problem. I injured it running, and had seen a doctor and physio, but without much success. Louise was recommended to me by a friend who also had a sports injury, and that had been healed by one session with Louise.


I was made to feel welcome and relaxed in Louise’s treatment room, and after a chat about general health, I lay on the treatment couch fully clothed. I appreciated Louise being honest in saying she was not sure she could fully heal the Achilles problem, but hoped it would help in some way.


I was surprised to feel heat as Louise moved her hands above (not touching) various areas of the body. I could feel intense heat in my ankle, quite a pleasant sensation, and around my chest and shoulders which I believe had become quite tense with bearing the pain in my leg.

The pain in my Achilles tendon did not feel immediately different after my visit, but it did two days later and I feel sure this was from the session with Louise. I also felt more ’balanced’ within myself for the rest of the day after my visit. I had been feeling quite low, having had 6 weeks of inactivity, but I felt more calm, more accepting of the situation and better able to cope. All in all, it was a very positive experience and I would certainly go again.


Kathryn Davies, Guildford

Emotional Wellbeing

An energy healing treatment by Louise is like a glorious soak in the sunshine on a beach listening to the waves gently wash the shore.

I didn’t have any particular ailments or injuries for Louise to treat and just asked for a general healing. After a quiet chat to ensure I was comfortable, Louise started to concentrate, a focussed look on her face. The intense heat from her hands flooded my body in each section she touched and I felt a lovely sense of calm and relaxation take over. At one point she clearly felt something and afterwards told me it was around my heart. Not that she felt anything wrong with my heart but an emotional problem. 

She asked me to concentrate on a hurtful time I had told her had happened in the last year that I was recovering from, and she spent some time working on this area.  After the session I felt lighter and more able to cope with what had happened. It held less significance and I felt emotionally stronger.

I believe we can all benefit from a healing treatment to help us deal with the stresses and strains that modern life throws at us. I emerged relaxed and strengthened in spirit.


Mary Saunders, Petersfield

Emotional Wellbeing

I have had two healing sessions  from Louise. The first session I was apprehensive and found myself wondering what what the session would be like, but my nervousness soon went. Although Louise had explained that the energy comes through her hands it still took me by surprise to feel the healing warmth on my body. After both sessions I felt emotionally stronger and more positive so I have now booked a third session and am looking forward to it.                                                                                                                                                               

Julia Willcox


Testimonials - Animals




Healing for my horses - Ellie and Alano 

I have known Louise since 2016 during which time she has treated both of my horses, Ellie 20yrs and Alano 8yrs. I have owned Ellie for 8 years and her health has been variable during this time having been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, uveitis and arthritis in 2016/17. I retired her from ridden work in early 2017.


Alano joined us in the late autumn of 2017 as my riding horse and unfortunately within a short time he became sore with back issues and was having hoof problems as well so I was transitioning him to being barefoot. Lou treated both of the horses several times during this period and it was really transformational for both horses.



Ellie can be quite aloof, tending to disassociate herself if she has no interest or views you as incompetent. Neither does she like being fussed over so she is quite a sceptic when it comes to visitors. She was quite resistant to Lou for some of the first session, which I wasn’t surprised at, but towards the end she started to tune into what Lou was doing and I could see that she was starting to listen and feel. When she wanted to end the session she turned to Lou as if to say thank you and then moved away and tuned out.


At the next few sessions, Ellie was tuned in from the beginning and was much more receptive. Again, Ellie made it quite clear when the sessions were over and she turned to Lou before tuning out as if to say thank you. Since then Ellie has continued to become more grounded and trustful of me and her world. I no longer feel that I am in a one-sided relationship with her and I think we have a much greater understanding of each other somehow.


Ellie’s health has continued to improve so much this year that her vet has given her the all clear to start being ridden again which she seems to really enjoy. I think that Lou played a huge part in giving Ellie her life-force back and enabling her to regain her strength after a series of setbacks.



Alano is Ellie’s alter-ego being uber friendly and touchy feely. He pretends to be perfect but can’t keep it up for long before he starts to be quite pushy and disrespectful. He is very intelligent and quick to learn and always makes us smile, because he is adorable but impossible at the same time. I asked Lou to have some sessions with him because I felt that we had started to bond really well after he came to us in 2017, but that something wasn’t right after a few weeks. He was sore in his back and his feet which were really under run when I bought him and seemed to be getting worse rather than better. I was convinced the two things were linked. But I also felt that the spark in him was shutting down and that was what worried me the most.


Lou’s first session with Alano was a bit nerve wracking for me as I knew he could be pushy on the ground and had a very short attention span. But strangely he needed a really long session and stood quietly for Lou almost from the go for over an hour and half. Having seen Lou at work with Ellie I was so glad that he was open and receiving her so quickly. Towards the end of the session when we thought he was saying thank you, Lou held her hands out to him cupped together around his nose. He rested his nose in her hands for about 5 minutes, just breathing and enjoying some more healing.


It is difficult to convey how extraordinary it was to see him so peaceful, contemplative and relaxed. It was truly a magical moment which I will never forget. Since being treated by Lou, Alano has, like Ellie, moved on from whatever it was that was taking away his spark.


Lou is an enormously powerful healer and I would recommend her to anyone. I would also say that when she is treating your horses or animals, you are in no way an observer, you are part of the healing circle.


Roni, Havant



Dan The Man 

A few years ago, my horse Dan sustained a serious strain injury to the

soft tissue of his near foreleg and was on box rest for 4 months. 

Dan has been very receptive to Reiki in the past and really enjoys it so

I asked Louise if she could give him some of her Energy Healing

treatments to aid the healing process.


Towards the end of his box rest he had lost the sparkle in his eye and was generally looking out of sorts and I was a bit worried about him.  I asked Louise if she could come and give him a treatment and almost as soon as she had put her hands out to him to start the treatment he lowered his head to the floor and started licking and chewing.  He then turned round and went to the back of his box.  I thought he was going to have a poo, but he started to paw the bedding and lay down!  We were amazed and even more so when he just laid out totally flat, almost knocking Louise off her feet. 


So, she started giving him treatment where he was. Talk about relaxation!


He must have been down for at least 10 minutes, then he got up as if to say ‘thanks very much, I needed that’.  The next day I noticed he looked brighter and within a couple of days his eye was normal and he had definitely got his ‘Mojo’ back.  I am sure the healing session unlocked something that allowed him to get back to his normal self. 


Louise has treated Dan several times since then, when I was concerned about the leg after he had been a bit exuberant in the field.  He has been sound for 4 years now. 


This year he was diagnosed with a melanoma on the Iris in his left eye and was prescribed eye drops to reduce the pressure at the back of the eye, together with anti-inflammatory eye drops.  Again I asked Louise to treat him, knowing she has some experience with eyes.  Louise has given him several treatments and he has had no more episodes of ulceration. At his 3 month check-up the pressure was only 1 point higher than the other eye and the tumour has reduced in size. 


I am sure the combination of the eye drops and the healing has helped Dan’s body to fight back and keep the tumour ‘under control’, which means he will not have to lose his eye.


Rita Hilton, Graffham



Horse healing.JPG





In 2015, Maisie, our 9 year old Border Terrier’s long-term gut condition became

noticeably worse. We were back and forth to the vet, who carried out a variety of

tests and scans which showed, amongst other things, some inflammation, but

the root cause of which couldn’t be determined. She was put on a drug regime,

some of which didn’t agree with her, so it was a case of trial and error of different

combinations to see what helped and what didn’t.  


It got to the point where the vet was running out of ideas so sent her to a referral centre where she underwent some unpleasant, but necessary, investigations. Never a madly demonstrative dog, she was cheerful enough (for her) and was eating and drinking well. We were reassured to know that her quality of life wasn’t bad, so there was no question of putting her to sleep.


However, we were keen that she should be supported in a more holistic way and sought Louise’s advice. After an assessment, we agreed on some therapy sessions which were carried out alongside the veterinary treatment. At first, Maisie was suspicious and, although she kept still, Louise could feel her resisting. Gradually, though, she gave in to the gentle, hands-on contact and allowed Louise to feel where the problems were, allowing her to treat them. At the subsequent sessions, she was immediately receptive to the therapy and totally relaxed. It made us smile that, when she’d had enough, she’d get up and walk away.  As Louise predicted, Maisie was very tired after the sessions and would sleep for the rest of the day.


Over the next year or so, Maisie’s condition stabilised and she lived a more comfortable and contented life, for longer than we’d anticipated. We were so grateful to Louise, for her patience and skills which enabled this.


Claire and Graham Leech, Emsworth




My 17 year old, and much adored cat, was hospitalised for 3 days and I was told by the vet that her prognosis was not good and that she had kidney failure. When she was discharged home, I called Louise who came round several times and gave her healing. Muffin was immediately brighter and 3 years later, aged 20, she lives to tell the tale (if only she could talk!).

I would highly recommend a visit from Louise - she has an instant rapport with the animal kingdom and she has also helped with my friend’s cats. Nothing in life is guaranteed but I’m pretty certain that, without Louise’s healing, Muffin’s health would have deteriorated pretty rapidly after her 3 days in hospital. She is currently, 3 years later, going through more issues with her kidneys and Louise has been round twice this past week and Muffin is now much brighter - and has actually gone upstairs for the first time in weeks.

Whatever it is Louise does, she certainly achieves results on both the physical and emotional plane. I would not hesitate in recommending her.


Liz Smilie, Lodsworth



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