Soul Shine Energy Therapy        
              Energy Therapy/ThetaHealing Therapy

Many of us are faced with challenges in our lives. Some of us are challenged with emotional struggles, some of us are faced with daily reminders of our physical ailments, and some of us deal with the uncertainty of both emotional and physical issues. Regardless of how great or small these challenges may be, your quality of life can be not only improved, but it should be pleasurable as well. Energy Therapy and ThetaHealing Therapy ( are two remarkable ways to achieve this.

Goals For Healing"

To manifest your own idea of a unique, loving life and tap into your endless abundance.

To understand the benefit of placing your intention and energy into the Universe so it connects back to you in positive form.
Ultimately to have the knowledge to rely on your own healing abilities and personal power to create any life you wish.

"Would You Like to Accomplish any of the Following?"

Shift and heal “root causes” of symptoms such as depression
       Harmonize Body’s Energy flow & align all areas of your life

       Free the body/mind from destructive soul contracts

       Get in touch with your Angels and Spirit Guides

       Clear balance and open the Chakra System  
       Resolve past/present emotional trauma

       Transform unhealthy mind chatter

       Enrich and deepen relationships

       Advance your overall well-being
       Manifest abundance in all form 
       Release fears and phobias

       Transform physical pain
       Let go of anger

"It's funny about life if you refuse to accept anything
                    but the best you will very often get it"

                              W. Somerset Maugham

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